About us

The fourth Dublin Feminist Film Festival will take place on the 16th–18th November 2017.

The theme for #DFFF2017 will be “FeministFutures”. Our programme this year will foreground topics such as: science, the avant-garde, technology and the digital world, contemporary feminist issues and movements, sci-fi, occult, modernity, dystopia, utopia, the future female, aspirations, visionary a/v, globalisation. This blurb is purposefully broad, and not exhaustive. But we have given ourselves the challenge of screening new works, so every film must have been made in the last five years.

For an idea of what we are trying to do with the Feminist Film Festival, please see our mission below. For some facts and figures about why it’s important to support and celebrate women in film, click back to our homepage.

Feminist Film Festival

The New Theatre,
43 Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
(Beside the Project Arts Centre, through Connolly Books)

Feminist Film Festival Mission:

• To help counteract the misrepresentation and narrow range of women portrayed through stereotypical female characters and in two-dimensional roles and expose audiences to a broader scope than those often found in mainstream cinema. Characters that are more easy to identify with, more diverse, more interesting, more real, more fleshed-out, more exciting, characters that, therefore, don’t patronise their audience

• To screen, support and promote films where women have played a vital role in a film’s making, production or as a crew member in order to help counter the under-representation of women in the film industry. We want to celebrate women who are working in the industry and we also hope to inspire and empower others to get involved in filmmaking and production

• To bring the perspectives, stories and experiences of women, feminists and *women-identified people to a wider audience through film in an inclusive, positive and friendly environment and event

*NB. Anywhere and everywhere that we mention ‘woman/women’ we mean anyone who identifies as a woman.

We couldn’t do this without a whole heap of help from a bunch of lovely people. Massive thanks and respect to:

Designist, Dept of Media Studies Maynooth, DCU School of Communication, Practice and Theory, The New Theatre, Concept2Print, Sooner Than Later and everyone else who has helped and supported the Feminist Film Festival, especially all the film fans who attend each year.

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